Pébéo Fantasy Prisme 45ml, eggshell white Maximize


Pébéo Fantasy Prisme 45ml, eggshell white



Pebeo Fantasy Prisme is a multi-surface paint that can be applied with a dropper, paint bush or poured directly from the bottle on to a flat horizontal surface in in thick layers. The beautiful opalescent and pearly finishes are perfect for jewellery making and home decor. Suitable for all types of surfaces, including metal, china, terracotta and ceramics as well as canvas, glass and wood. Prisme colours can be used in overlays to obtain caontrasting effects. Create fantastic effects by applying fantasy Pisme colours on top of wet Pebeo Vitrail paint. To give a contrasting edge or divider to colours use Pebeo Vitrail Cerne Relief outliers. Mix paint thoroughly before use. Drying time for a thick layer of paint: 6 hours until touch dry and 72 hours until completely dry. When dry, the colours are resistant to light hand washing without soaking. The prism effect is increased in intensity by the thickness of the layer.