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Pébéo Fantasy Moon - Discovery set



Effects paint designed specifically for the the crafter. The unique solvent based formulation creates textured, hammered and pearlescent paint effects which become instantaneously visible as the paint dries. fantasy moon is a multi-surface paint that can be applied to most flat horizontal surfaces, including , metal, wood, card, plastic, acetate, canvas and glass, as well as ceramics, porcelain and terracotta. Mix your paint thoroughly before use. Paints are intermixable with other colours in the range. Apply paints with a brush in thin or thick layers. Thin layers will give an opalescent effect, while thicker layers will give a more opaque finish. Paints can applied on top of wet vitrail paint to give a marbled effect. Paints are touch dry in 2 hours and fully dry in 10 hours. With thicker coats times may be longer. When dry the colours can be wiped clean without soaking. Clean all your brushes with white spirit after use. 6x20ml

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