Creative kneading-cement, 1kg Maximize


Creative kneading-cement, 1kg



Creative cement for kneading with sanger for health .  Kneading, modelling, cutting, punching every thing is possible.

The creative cement is cement mass of hight quality and can be good processed; it's ideally suitable to different decorative items like bowls, vases, candle holders, tables mats...

Instruction :  - Mixing ratio ca. 1 pc of Water / 9 pcs      - The mix can be varied. Put the water in a mixing container (plastic container), slowly stir in the cement with a stable wooden rod until you have a evenly.  Let it mature for 1-2 minutes, then the mas can be poured.  Once mixed it canbe worked during 1 hour.  Pouring time : ca. 3 hours, loadable after 1-2 days, depends on the thickness and temperature.  Weather-resistant and waterproof, frost resistant.  Poured items can be also designed after they are dry : Paint them with acrylic paint, work with stencils, finish them with deco metal or many more.